Wednesday, 13 October 2010


Hello, sup, how's it going? Welcome to a blog that is basically all things TIMES TOGETHER.

You may be wondering what is the purpose of this blog?, well basically it just to keep anyone that cares up to date with things going on with the band, news, shows, pictures, and generally cool and not so cool things I feel like writing about and sharing related to the band. The main reason is, with the impending death of myspace (well it seems that way!), I can't really think of any other way of keep people up-to-date with whats going on with the band! That's is when there are things going with the band! So yeah that's basically it!
Firstly i'd like to take a moment to thank everyone who has picked up "The Changing Of The Leaves" 7" since it came out earlier this year, all the people who have took the time to contact us with positive things to say about the record, and the people who have order it from all around the world, while i always felt that after taking our time with the record we were happy with what we had in our hands at the end, its awesome that the amount of people who have picked up the record has truly surpassed my expectations. With that being said we are down to our last copies of the record ( I think we have around 15 copies left) and I believe Seb at Just Another Day Records is down to his last few copies as well, and this this leads me to the first bit of news,

THE CHANGING OF THE LEAVES Repress (2nd press)

Yes, I believe as I type the record is currently getting repress by our main man Seb at Just Another Day Records. I think that there is gonna be 500 records for the 2nd pressing, although i'm not 100% at this moment in time. Two new colours if my information is correct :) Either way they will be available in the near future so keep an eye out for them if you wanna keep your collection complete, or just pick up the record for the first time.
While on the subject, i had quite alot of people message me about getting the record in Asia since it was released, and i'd imagine alot of the time including postage it just works out to much for one record, so if someone is interested in distributing the record I suggest getting in touch with Seb and i'm sure he'd be able work something out with you to make the record more available in your part of the world.


So, we are currently working "hard" on new songs for several upcoming releases. While at this point I can't divulge all the information I can say that one of the releases will be our follow up 7" to TCOTL, which currently is untitled, but we'll come up with something soon, and there will be two other releases we will be recording for at the same time. So in total we will be looking at going into the studio to record either 8 or 9 new songs, and we are looking at doing this in late 2010 / early 2011 (probably either December or January) and let's just say we are getting to work with some amazing record labels and couldn't be more stoked! The new songs are really starting to come together, if you've you saw us play with Right Idea in August (there will be a post about these shows soon!) or if you see us in the upcoming months you'll probably get to hear us play a couple of the new songs live :) So yeah, lots of new material will be seeing the light of day in early to mid 2011!


As it stands we have two shows lined up before christmas, the first is in our home town, Birmingham on tuesday october 26th, and is with the Famine, Crossbreaker, No Reality and Thawed Out. The show is free to get in so you don't really have an excuse not to come if you are local! It will be great to play to Birmingham for the first time since febuary (how the hell has it been that long!, ask us to play more shows please people!) and with some other local SCHC hardcore bands too :)
The second show is a pretty special show, it is a Charity show for Hayward House Cancer Trust and Macmillen Cancer Support and is being put on by our favourite people Alan & Caroline :) I can't say enough good things about those guys or this show, so please please come along to this one and support an awesome cause and great people :) I saw Habour a few days ago, and they were a very cool band, so there another reason if you needed it!

While on the subject of shows, we could really do with playing some more shows, both in Birmingham and all round England/Wales in general, so if your putting on a show, or know anyone who is please help hook us up, seriously, we need to start playing more so dew it! :)

Anyways, I suppose that's it for now, i'll be updating this on a regular basis hopefully so check back every week or so and there should be something new to check out :)

I'll leave you with this rather awesome picture of dave with our main man Gabor at one of the shows with Right Idea in August, more on those shows in the next update :)


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  1. OTHER RECORD LABELS?? How are we (me and Alex) gonna keep our collections complete if we can't snatch test presses from the other labels you might be doing something with!?!? :-D