Sunday, 13 February 2011


Hey, so firstly we have some new shirts which are gonna be available from this wednesday onwards.
I've put them up for order now as will be making hardly any Youth Large's (none unless someone requests/orders one), smalls or Extra Larges. So if you would like a shirt in any of those sizes, I seriously suggest ordering before tomorrow (Sunday) night. Below is the design :)
 You can order at if you are interested

We will have the shirts available at all of the upcoming shows we have which are as follows,

16th Febuary - Sheffield w/ Naysayer, Wayfarer, Silvertown
24th Febuary - Sheffield w/ Bays, Jackals, End Reign, Control
6th March - Hull w/ Loads of bands as it's an alldayer
9th March - Nottingham w/ Together, The Departed, Strike Team, Vitality
18th April - Birmingham w/ Run Walk!, Guilty Parents, Human Hands, Thawed Out

If anyone can hook us up with any shows at all in the future that would be fantastic, it would be nice to play down south again if anyone can hook that up :)

As for upcoming records, we have our follow up 7" to "The Changing Of The Leaves" coming out on Anger Battery Records. We will be going into the studio to record for it at the end of the month / beginning of march and are very much looking forward to laying down these new tracks.
If you haven't already, check out Anger Battery Records and pick up the Rearranged LP they put out, its the best record i've heard in a long time! When we go into the studio to record for our 7" we will also be recording some exclusive songs for two 12" compilations. One will be release by the mighty CRUCIAL RESPONSE RECORDS! We are damn excited to be working with them, pop over to and take a look at some of the great bands that will be on the comp and keep up with the awesome work that peter is doing.
The other 12" compilation is being released by Amendment Records which is based is the USA. I can't say anything more about this project atm other than the line-up of bands on it includes serveral of the best current hardcore bands in the world in my opinion, so needless to say, that will be amazing :)

One last thing, if you still haven't picked up "The Changing Of The Leaves" we have about 4 copies left, and then who knows if will have anymore to sell again, so i'd pick it up now! It is meant to be getting repressed on JAD, but atm he seems to have gone awol (sadly not like the JCVD film) so who knows if we will ever have anymore for sale.


Thursday, 3 February 2011

The next few months......

Some upcomings releases.....

+ one more exciting comp :)

Some Upcoming shows......